Backup and Restore WLM Contacts and Mail


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I found a partial answer in an email forum, but would like to gather enough information to backup my email folders and messages, and my contact list.

I have a large external HDD that I can use for that, or I can burn a CD or DVD.

It is inconceivable that Microsoft forces me to use WLM with my Win 7 Home Deluxe O/S, but provides no clear direction on how to backup and restore the data - at least not that I can find.

Thanks, Gary


New Email
That looks good for backing up, but after going to link provided in this thread it appears that I would have to use the KLS product to do the restore (and maybe to backup as well - I'm not clear).

Thank you for your reply but this seems a bit like cobbling two programs together to accomplish something that ought to be doable by one program. In your opinion, is this approach really the best if I want to continue using WLM?

WLM seems like a sloppy throw-it-over-the-wall effort from Microsoft for everyone using Win 7 and beyond. I wonder if using the WLM Hotmail option would give me better backup/restore function.

I have Outlook 2003 on my system and it seems like that should work, but I'll have to call my ISP to get the server settings correct.

Mozilla Thunderbird looks like a possibility but seems to need an add-on installed before it will work.