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Is there (or can someone write) a little prg that allows me to select several messages of my Yahoo inbox and forward them to another email address?



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My next thought is to install YPOPS on your computer and use a mail program such as outlook express to download a copy of your emails :
Thank-you. I went to the download page and a ad on flat bellies moved over the page blocking my access to the download button. I am leery of viruses and of being forced to click on something to get rid of it as it could take me to a web page that just by visiting it can infect my computer. Once infected some viruses are virtually impossible to remove - been there done that no interest in doing it again.

Once I get send to a page that employs these tactics I worry about the quality to the site and the downloads - how to I know that Ypops isn't spyware or contains a virsus?

The only review is yours.

I cannot afford to waste time.
Your work around will only work if I eliminate everything else in the Yahoo folder first and by that time I may as well read them there.

I will pass on this work around.

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I wouldn't say YPOPS is spyware, but it is a 3rd party application and I can't promise it will work for you.

If you want to eliminate YPOPS from the equation you can upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus and then follow the directions to directly download your email from Yahoo.