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I am running on Windows Vista Home Premium and recently upgraded to Explorer 9 with an HP Pavillion 2GB RAm and 70GB Free at 1.9 GHz.

My Yahoo Mail Classic has stopped auto fill address and when I click to ATTACH FILE, it thinks a moment and then ignores the request. It never allows me to direct my request to attach, it simply drops the request.

My Auto Complete Settings are checked as:
Address bar - Browse History, Favorites, Use Windows Search, and
User Names and Passwords - Ask Me Before Saving.
My Security Program is the current Norton 360

These functions worked on my Explorer 7.

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What happens if you switch to one of the newer versions of Yahoo Mail?

Also, here are the directions from one of our other discussions :

  1. Go to Tools and Internet options
  2. Click the Content tab and then within the Autocomplete section click the Settings button
  3. Click the check boxes for Address Bar and any other features you want enabled.
Did this information help to solve the problem?

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Thanks, but I have already tried those fixes. Yahoo Mail is also running slow. I would install the update, but that is a Beta Version - which concerns me.