Auto extract file within email to floppy


New Email
I have a problem I am hoping someone can help me with.

I have to send CNC data files to a friend who is a machinist. I place them inside an email and send to his email address. From there they are transferred to a floppy disk to use in the cnc machine in his shop.

Problem is his wife is in charge of the computer and won't like him touch it thinking he will screw up something. His wife is have memory problems and constantly screws up the data, loses it, puts in desktop folder then only copies shortcut, etc. Tried as hard as we can are unable to reason with her that she needs help.

Long story short, I have to physically Fedex floppies to him to get work done for me.

I would like to find a program I can place the files inside then email that instead. Then I think I can get her to double click on the program which hopefully will simply copy the files in the email to a floppy without her having to do anything more then making sure a floppy is in the drive.

Anyone have any ideas? Has to be extremly simple on her end.