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Hi everybody,

I am new in this forum and i would like to share my problem and if anybody has the same problem, please help me.

Well I have 2 yahoo mails, one of them is old since 2005 and the other 2 years, anyway. Sometimes I used to save in clipboard attachments files (in rar), so anytime I could download the files i need. Last days I noticed that my attachments files lost, there is not the option "save" or "download" when I open the mail, and when I refreshed 2-3 times, I thought it was a bug, the symbol clip dissapeard (in some mails).

As you can see in the snapshots, the mail seems to have attachment but when I open it, i can't download nothing, there is no options for download.

In the third snapshot you can see that the symbol clip dessapeard, in this mail I save some photos in rar, about 3 mb, and one week ago I download and save it in my computer but after I deleted and my photos lost forever.

Has anybody the same problem ? Can I fix it and how ?



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Hi Dina,

After turning on "Always use HTTPS" in Yahoo Mail you still can not access all of your attachments?

If that really is not helping please try using another mail program and see if that can download your attachments:

Hi and thanks for your reply,

Well, I tried the above, when I create a new clipboard attachment it's ok, i can download even turning on or off HTTPS, but the other old clipboards attachments I have lost forever :(