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an email buddy advises any email attachment I send him constantly downloads without stop until he stops it in taskmaster. no other attachment he gets from others causes this problem. also no other email contact of mine has reported this problem with my forwarded emails. what is going on? is it my system or his system?

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It could be timing out due to the incoming mail server timeout being shorter than how long it takes their anti-virus program to scan the attachment.

Try having your buddy increase the download timeout from 1 (the default in many mail programs) to 5 minutes in their mail program.

It's also possible that there is a problem between your ISP's outgoing mail servers and your friends incoming mail servers.

Can you post the full email headers from two of the emails?

From the headers we should be able to see where the email is getting stuck and retrying.

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In reply to popowich suggestion I submit email header info for anaylisis, I can get the header info but can't seem to do a copy/paste with it, so at this point I'm going to shelve this att. dwnload problem to the "it ain't that important" file, since it is affecting just one of many email buddies. But thank you so much for attempting to solve the problem. I leave you to move on to really, really important stuff!/KL