Attachment vanished from an allready recieved email?


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I recieved an email on my iPhone about 5 months ago.
My account is a hotmail account.
In the email there was an attachment.
The attachment is downloaded, and now resides on my iPhone.

When i now check the same email, there is no indication that there ever was any attachment there ( regardless of the email stating, written by the sender, that the attachment should be in the email ).
There are no hyperlinks, no attachment symbols inside or next to the email.
The email, apparently, consists of only plain text.
I can not remember how i downloaded the attachment.
The attachment is a normal picture.

The date of the picture and the email correspond.

I have tried to open the email in Mail ( iOS ), Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Thunderbird, on 2 different machines and 2 different modile devices but still not a single trace of any attacment.

I open an email i recieved from a friend, consisting of only plain text, i copy the text and paste it inside a new email which i send to myself.
The original email and the one i sendt to myself, are of the same size ( 2.1MB )

I open the problematic email ( the one with the missing attachment ), copy the entire text and paste it inside a new email which i send to myself.
The size of the email i just sendt to myself is now 1.6MB less than the original.
Im concluding that there is 1.6MB of, apparently hidden, extra data in the original email.

Any tip about what could have happened, how i can continue troubleshooting this problem, or how this is at all possible will be highly appreciated.

How can an attachment dissappear from an email i have allready recieved?


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Opening the email in a regular web browser such as Firefox isn't working?

I'm curious, can you try from the Microsoft Outlook app on your phone?

It has a Quick Filter that will let you search for files:

Microsoft Outlook App Quick Filter Files.jpg