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I have created a new folder for my sent items. I do not have the option for arranging my mails by 'to' only 'from'. I obviously know who the mails are from because I sent them. Is there a way of changing this option?


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Hi, Lynne

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Before Ray gets back to you with a much more informed/official answer to your question, I thought I (as a real amateur) would provide some input. :)

As far as I know, Hotmail (like most webmails with which I'm familiar) has arranging of emails by "from" address available for the Inbox, Junk, Spam and any other created folders, because it's assumed that those places will contain the emails you receive. Emails that are sent are assumed to be saved in the Sent folder itself, so it's there, in that folder, that you will find that you can arrange things by the "to" address. A question here might be: if there is already a folder made by Hotmail for you to keep your sent mail in (the "Sent" folder), which can arrange email by "to" address, why did you create another folder in which to keep all your sent mail ? I would suggest maybe putting all sent mail back in the sent folder if you really want the "to" address arrangement option.


I thought I'd mention that, coincidentally, I do not keep my sent email in my 'Sent' folder either (at FastMail, my provider). Instead, I keep it in the folder in which I also keep all emails from a particular individual. So, emails I get from "Tom" will be in the "Tom" folder as will emails I send to him. That's just the way I do things, and it's works out well for me. Then I can always go to the "Tom" folder and click on "from" and see which ones were sent from him and which were sent to him (though I can easily see this at a glance and don't need them arranged by "from" address).

As I see it (with my limited knowledge) you really have two options:

1. Put your sent email back in the "Sent" folder to get the option to arrange by "to" address, or

2. Divide your sent email up and put each one in a separate folder. This could be handled two ways:
a. Put all your emails sent to your friend "Shirley" (let's say) in the Shirley folder with all the emails you received from her, so that all emails to and from Shirley are together in one place, or

b. Create another folder named "Shirley-Sent" (let's say) and keep your email sent to her specifically in that folder. With this latter option you'd have to create a folder for each important individual to whom you sent mail and would be able to keep 'sent' and 'received' stuff separate. (Less important 'sent' stuff you could just keep in the Sent folder itself.)

Sorry for the long-winded response. I hope I haven't made things more complicated. I hope you gets things worked out. We'll see what advice Ray (Popowich) has for you ! :)

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