Apps do not support port 25 for SMTP - fix?


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Hi, This is my first at this forum.

I have a personal network with a handful of computers connected via a router to the net. My ISP promted us that they did not longer permit access to port 25. One one computer I have some hardware and special applicatons that do not offer a choice of port for SMTP (but several of them do). My thought that there would be some possibility for outgoing portforwarding on the router - so that port 25 on the LAN would become port 587 (like gmail, but not) when my automated email from different devices comes onto the 'net.

I thought there would possibly some apps or services that would be able to do that but I have founde non.

What possibilites are there to achieve this? All computers run W7U or VistaU, (except for another special computer that runs Ubuntu - for a special purpose).

What to do, anyone?




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Well, there is perhaps a more elegant solution like setting this up in a router or via firewall linking from one port to the other...
However, I was pointed out that creating a local SMTP server would fix this, and I tested Free SMTP Server from Free SMTP Server Very small memory footprint and I just had to install, start the app "localsrv.exe" and, accepting its defaults, only restart it. Also had to add the exe to startup. Problem solved but adding software to fix a problem in another software is not ideal - If possible I would like to use settings in the OS or firewall or router instead...

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Is there a possibility that you can upgrade to a business account? A local ISP by me doesn't permit port 25 access for residential customers but it does for businesses. Just a thought.

Personally, I'd raise a whole bunch of hell over my ISP cutting off access to something that has always been allowed on their service.


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Thanks Big Dan,
Yes, maybe that is a good way to go, will investigate.
Well, there seems to be a security reason for changing the policy - last night I browsed through quite many documents describing the inherent (old technology) problems with the widespread direct use of port 25, and not "negotiating" via others.

Have a nice day in the Big Apple - in this village we are 10 people...