AOL won't send e-mail with link

Claire Hutton

New Email
I have several problems with my e-mail and I would be very grateful if someone here could help. For years I have used AOL and used the same computer and e-mail adress as my husband. Now I have a new computer of my own and my e-mail is a second adress to my husbands. On opening AOL a box comes up withthe following message: Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer.
Program name: waol
Verifiied publisher: AOL inc
File origin: Hard drive
When I write an e-mail I cannot use the signature which has my blog link in, that never used to be a problem when using my husbands computer and his e-mail. A box comes up that the e-mail cannot be sent, when I delete the link it goes.
The other strange thing is that read e-mails do not disapear, I have to delete them or they stay in my inbox. We have tried everything so far to solve these problems, it is so frustrating and AOL is no help at all as I have to e-mail them the link and of course that is not possible.
Thanks a lot