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I have recently set up a new e-mail account with gmail which does not include my name (and is therefore, I hope anonymous). I regularly go on forums but due to the nature of my work I no longer want to use my original e-mail address (hotmail). My original e-mail address included my name as part of the address. My question is can anyone link the two addresses together? Can forum administrators see that the two e-mail addresses have been used and sent from the same computer? Can I re-register with a forum using my 'new anonymous' address and be certain that no one can tie the new address into the old? Will anyone be able to tell 'who' is using the new address. I'm not that technically minded - thank you.


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Hi Dave,

Yes, forum administrators (and most likely the moderators too) will have access to user account history including the IP addresses used when posting and logging in. If you register a new account at the same forum with a different email address they will most likely be able to figure out that it's you if they are paying attention or have some automation in place to detect "alter egos" in their forums. Even if you change your email and IP addresses your web browser cookies could give you away too.

To get most of the way around all of this you would need to use the new email address, a new computer or web browser (if you usually use Firefox, use Chrome for that forum), and try an anonymous proxy service so you're not coming from the same IP address (careful, many of them are scams).

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