All forwarded mail going to junk


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I didn't change any settings, but now all forwarded mail from another account goes straight to junk. I "not junk"ed everything line by line, but new business e mails come in and continue to go there. How can I stop this? I looked at my list of blocked senders, and none of the e mails going to junk are blocked.


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Are there any consistent qualities to the email that you could use to build a filter?

Are they always from the same sender? Anything consistent in the subject line?

What kind of account is forwarding the mail? Where is it being received?

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No, there is no consistency. I keep unjunking the same senders, which are mostly forwards from my business account. I've gone into safe sender list to list that account as safe, to no avail. I dont know how to build a filter. I just want it to go back to how it was.