Alias without MX record


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Can we be allowed to use an alias on a custom domain without setting the MX record ?
Currently the not setting the mx record fails domain verification, and disables the alias.

I have a domain which is used by multple users (and also receives a lot of spam!). This is currently filtered on receipt by the current mx server using regex based filters (not available on scryptmail).
Spam is filtered out, and other mails are forwarded on to the appropriate address.

I would like to forward those for me to scryptmail, and be able to reply to them using the correct address ie alias. To do this, the mx record must remain the same and not be changed to scryptmail.

I control the domain, and the other dns records can be amended as per current requirements.

possible ?



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that is possible to do. only one thing I can think of, is to create inbox inconsistency when scryptmail users will deliver email directly to your inbox with us, but third party have to go through scrubbing server of yours. I think I will make it available with subdomain option.


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If I understand you correctly, then I agree that mail direct to scryptmail is a better security model. For some email/domains this is the model I look forward to using.

However, for some email the increased functionality of using a different mx server outweighs the risk, and it would be really good to be able to access all mail via scryptmail.
In particular, I have the domain which is used by several members of my family. It is therefore not possible for me to change the mx record without affecting others.
I can forward emails to scyptmail, but i would also need to be able to reply to them from scryptmail - hence my question.

Hence, it would be really great to have the option but please do not restrict it to subdomains only (i need it on!).

Thanks - beginning to really like the look of scryptmail and looking forward to becoming a regular user :)


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I'm little confused here.
What I was trying to say, when you create an alias our system first look into our key ring server, and on success send email internally (encrypted) otherwise depending on number of recipients and detect suitable protocol for delivery.
If email not found, we use MX record to send email. When you want to send from us, MX record not so important as using SPF and DKIM, which essentially will mark our server as authorized from sending on your behalf. That rules applicable to any emails without worrying about bare or subdomain address. However subdomain feature is yet to be implemented.