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I recently had a need to convert a 6GB IMAP mailbox to a PST file for use as a local backup that could be easily accessed when needed in Microsoft Outlook.

Normally I'd use IMAP Tools when working with IMAP mailboxes, but this task needed support for PST files which lead me to find Aid4Mail. (Download Aid4Mail)

Aid4Mail was easy to install and completed the task with good accuracy.

I installed and used Aid4Mail from Windows 7. They also support other versions of Windows and Linux.

After starting Aid4Mail I select IMAP as my mail source, then I configured the IMAP settings for the IMAP account:

Aid4Mail Mail Source.jpg Aid4Mail Settings.jpg

On the following screens I selected the IMAP folders to include and then choose not to create any additional filter options:

Aid4Mail IMAP Folders.jpg Aid4Mail Filters.jpg

When the source settings were completed I selected PST file as my destination, picked a name for it on my desktop, and kept the defaults for the Export Options:

Aid4Mail PST Files.jpg Aid4Mail Export.jpg

During the conversion several blank emails were skipped and after a few hours I was notified that the IMAP to PST task had been completed:

Aid4Mail Skipped Blank Email.jpg Aid4Mail Results.jpg

As far as I can tell most of the blank emails that were skipped in the IMAP to PST conversion were spam emails with broken headers and/or non-standard characters in their message body.

Thank you Aid4Mail for creating an easy to use IMAP to PST tool that completed the job to my customers satisfaction!
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