Address bar changes from https to http after I log in hotmail and go to inbox.


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I followed instructions to see if https is configurable but the alternative "Use HTTPS automatically" is not displayed in my account where a hotmail support specialist told me. For some reason it is located in a different place in my account.

I continued looking for the alternative and eventually I found it somewhere else in the account.

After I found it I was able to read that https is selected by default and that it is no longer configurable.

I continue finding myself in an http connection once I reach the inbox. The https connection only works in the sign in page.!120 hotmail screenshot 1.JPG

When I log into hotmail using the internet explorer I receive a message that says that the secure connection is going to be abandoned and I am asked if I want to continue.!122hotmail screenshot 2.JPG

I found the following article that says that https for reading mails in hotmail is not always on:

Why is there no Windows Live Hotmail https connection?

This articles says in a paragraph the following:

"And unfortunately, it appears that for certain common operations Windows Live Hotmail cannot use https at all."

Is this right?

I use Windows Live Mail to write and read my hotmail accounts, I cannot find in Windows Live Mail the alternative to use https or ssl.!119



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Which country are you in?

Maybe there are encryption laws being applied to your account.

The ask leo article you referenced appears to be from 2009.

Hotmail released full session HTTPS as a feature in late 2010.

Knowing your country I may be able to research why full session HTTPS is not available for you.

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Hello popowich,

Thank you for replying to my post.

I'm sorry about the time it took me to reply. I tried to conctact people in my country of residence that could tell me with a certain degree of confidence if there are any legal restrictioins for https connections. They told me there are not.

I also asked if there are any in the country I am visiting. People told me there are not.