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Okay, I've been a happy hotmail customer for years. I love it. around 5 years to be exact. I have 3 seperate email accounts, 2 of them are my main accounts. My 2 main accounts got blocked because of the large ammounts of spam, which i use the accounts to sign up for paypal and other uses. my 3rd account i forgot the password to because it was 5 to 6 years ago. I would love some help you can email me at; ________

The accounts that are blocked; and

If you could unblock them i would be very happy. or send the unblock email to my yahoo account. i need to get these unblocked. they have all my valuable information on them.
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Hello :welcome:

We only give email help and advice here. We do not control your hotmail accounts. (I have deleted your email addresses from your post. You should never post them publicly unless you like spam)

Try the suggestions HERE to help with blocked hotmail accounts. Note that there are a few suggestions to try.