account stuck on my computer

I have 2 email addresses from my internet provider. The secondary one continues to work fine, but the primary one often will not give me my new emails. At first I would only be able to get them once a day, rather than any time I checked it. Lately it has gone as long as 2 weeks without having new emails come in for that account. However, I can get them on my I phone, or on the site for the provider. I have just spent a bunch of time trying to make sure that I am signed in okay to Windows Live mail, and that seems okay. When I asked one of the support staff for the provider that was all he could tell me to do. I get an error message saying that my POP3 server has not responded in 60 seconds. It will start to receive a list of messages but then I get a message that it is unable to send or receive messages from this account. A timeout occurred while communicating with the server. This is definitely not my area of expertise (I am a preschool teacher so I know about a different type of timeout!) so it is driving me a bit crazy! Any ideas?:confused:


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What service provides your email?

If you're not sure, what is the domain name (everything to the right of the @) in your email address?

Have you tried increasing your incoming pop3 mail server timeout setting from 1 to 5 minutes?

There are a variety of reasons why your mail connections could be timing out including anti-virus of other security software on your computer taking to long to scan your email when you mail program is trying to download your email.

It could also be a problem where their is a mail forward or message rule, either in your mail program or your email service providers servers, that is causing you to not get most of your incoming email.

If the service provider is not able to hep further we started offering a live support service where we can work with you over IM or phone and login to your computer to help you troubleshoot the issue.