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New Email
Hi all,

My thanks in advance for any subsequent help and advice. Its greately appreciated.

This is quite a complex question, so I shall explain the background info.

I am currently working for a small business which relies quite heavily on its email. At the moment, theres a lot of stuff (about 6gigs worth) stored locally on a computer. Currently using Window Mail (the bundled Vista client).

Anyhow, they want me to look into making it more resiliant and back-ing it up. Currently not done (bad idea I know). The idea is to purchase a NAS in order to store backups on. It was suggested to me, that a Raided Mirrowed version would be a good idea, and really, all documents / email should be stored here.

Anyhow my question is this. Has anyone got any experence of setting up an email client to store email via a network drive? If so is there a client that they would recommend? I know that Outlook is the industry choice, but not sure they could afford the licences, has anyone got any experence with Thunderbird? They may also want to be cross platform available with the same folders (most probably OSX).

Anyhow, let me know your thoughts people of the internet,

Thanks again,