554 5.1.8 - Domain of sender address does not exist [R0107008]

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I have a centos server and I want to send email to the world. relaying through time warner.

I have postfix and get an error when trying to relay through smtp-server.rocheester.rr.com

here are the modifications made to main.cf:

mydomain = example.com
myhostname = rd-proto2.example.com
relayhost = smtp-server.rochester.rr.com

here is the error from rr.com.

Remote-MTA: dns; smtp-server.rochester.rr.com
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 5.1.8 - Domain of sender address does not exist [R0107008]

what did I miss?


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I replaced the real domain with example.com

It's safe to assume the server is connected to the internet via a Time Warner business connection?

Most likely it's because rd-proto2.example.com does not exist in public DNS and your email is coming From: that domain name.

Try forcing the email to come From: username@example.com and this part of the relay problem should be fixed.

What command is creating the emails? Sometimes web based applications try to send as apache@localhost, something like that could be the problem too.

What is in your postfix logs for this email before you get the error message?

Also, if this is an environment with several servers, consider adding an outgoing smtp relay, and a custom PTR for the outgoing mail IP such as smtp.example.com.

Over the long haul you should have better results running your own relay than relying on ISP smtp relays.


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Is that really /bin/mail or is it a wrapper to the postfix sendmail?

Refresh my memory, does the sendmail wrapper for Postfix come with a working -f flag? That -r comes to mind too. Maybe Postfix was -r but kept the -f for compatibility.

Anyways, I think that's working because the Postfix -r is setting the From: like I was thinking (similar to forcing with sendmail -f)

It sounds like you're all set?