3 new E-Mails received. Realy?


New Email
I open Windows live Mail. So I have to put in the passwords of all my 3 Accounts (POP and IMAP). Windows live Mail calls all my new E-Mails now then after that at the bottom right the following text appears: for example 3 new E-Mails.

So I expect that now I can find 3 new E-Mails in all of my accounts. But for example I can only find 2 new E-Mails. (?)
Does Windows live Mail appear a wrong number at the bottom right or where is the third E-Mail. I can't find it.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you.


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Using Views -> Quick Views are you able to find the missing new email?

WLM Quick View Find Missing New Email.jpg


New Email
Thank you for your answer.

The first check box in quick view is activated. So when I get new mails they must be found in the "not readed mails" section. But there are no new mails in it. So I assume that live mail gives me a wrong message.

In the meantime I was able to close in the problem. I found out that the problem is with my IMAP - Account. And it seems it is a "Windows live Mail" bug.

I have the following options choosen in Windows Live Mail:
-Option activated: Mails in the preview window are downloaded automatically
-I have deactivated the function that when I watch a new E-Mail in the preview-Window it will automatically marked as "readed".

When I now, with the settings above, read 1 E-Mail in the preview window and it remains in the status "unreaded" and 10 seconds after I call again the Mails from the same account, live mail gives a message like "1 new E-Mail".

But when I delete an E-Mail which is marked as "readed", live mail works correct and gives no wrong message.

Can you reproduce this behavier on your PC?

Would be very pleased to get an answer. Thank you.