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Oh man does stuff like this get me fired up. :hammer:

123 Greetings dot com allows people to send greeting cards without any email confirmation.

Someone was able to create an account using my email address and send non-English greeting cards in my name.

I was not notified until after the card was sent with a "click here to view the card you sent" flavored link.

They did not confirm the email owner when the account was created or before the account was able to send email.

I send them a complaint using their contact form, but I'm not expecting that to get anywhere.

Spam! Reporting to the BBB. Suggestions for an authority to report them to in New York City?

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Kajaria, Sharad domains@123GREETINGS.COM
123Greetings.com, Inc.
1674 Broadway
Suite 403
New York, NY 10019
6468080896 fax: 212-202-4738

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Nice response time from their technical support.

I was not expecting that from a company that it tilted to favor spammers / immediate email sending.

20 minutes for 123 Greetings to get back to me and confirm myself + confirm they will block the spammer.

This really should not be required though.

Force the new account to verify themselves BEFORE they can send email.