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    How does e-mail work on mobile devices?

    Good information. My friend's gmail account was used by spammers who targeted names in her address book and spoofed the "from" field to look like her. She said all her messages have "disappeared". Assuming the system is IMAP based, then several things could have happened: a) the spammers...
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    does my phone work internationally,,text and is there any charges

    One alternative if you have a GSM type of phone (ATT, T-Mobile, etc) is to buy a SIM card in the country you are visiting. This is an inexpensive solution that will provide phone and text within the country but may not give you access to your existing email account. I think LTE is gradually...
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    How does e-mail work on mobile devices?

    My main experience is on desktop machines, so I would like to know: 1. What is the main protocol used on mobile devices? 2. Is the same protocol generally used on iPhones as well as Android devices? 3. What are the most common mail apps used on these phones? 4. Where do the messages and address...
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    How to read text field containing calendar entry

    I figured it out. You can decode a base64 field using an online decoder such as: When I decode the original attachment I get something like: BEGIN:VCALENDAR METHOD:REQUEST PRODID:Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 VERSION:2.0 BEGIN:VTIMEZONE TZID:Pacific Standard...
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    How to read text field containing calendar entry

    When I view an email with a text editor, I see a text field that looks like the following, which appears to be a calendar entry attachment. How can I decode this? Is there some kind of simple utility? I prefer not to use Outlook or Google Mail or any kind of large and complicated application...
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    Same account, multiple users

    Hello, I have a domain that I want to set up so multiple people in my company can read and reply to email. For example, I might set up an address such as Do most hosting companies have this capability? I plan to ask my web host company but thought I would ask here as well...
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    How about a secure e-mail forum?

    Discuss which email clients and which providers support secure e-mail. What is the current state of the art and what is the easiest way for normal people? For more technical people, maybe describe the diffference between authentication, encryption, SSL, etc.
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    Expired certificate - am I being hacked?

    Thanks Popovich. For you mac owners, you can type "openssl s_client -connect" into your Terminal and you will get the results shown. I see the new certificate is valid from Sep 24 2013 to Oct 4 2014. My question is, when did the old certificate expire and why am I just seeing...
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    NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking

    Oh no, not again. Thanks for posting this Popowich. The article says Google PREF is one of the cookies they use - they probably use other companies' cookies as well. One thing we can do is to use a search engine like instead of Google search. DuckDuckGo says they don't store...
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    Expired certificate - am I being hacked?

    I am getting an expired certificate notice (please see attached)? Should I contact directly? Thank you.
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    Analyze bounce message?

    As usual, good stuff. Thanks.
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    Analyze bounce message?

    It's great to have a forum like this to interpret those bounce messages. I assume that is refusing the accept a message from Comcast. Is the bounce message saying that the sender has a virus? Thanks.
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    Days has been blacklisted is consistently listed on the SORBS blacklist. Is there anything about that would cause a false listing? For example, do they use open relay or dynamically allocated DNS addresses? Or are they probably a real source of spam? This is from www(dot)sorbs(dot)net... "The SORBS...
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    Days has been blacklisted

    2 May - 4 May - 8 May - 9 May - 14 May - 15 May - 16 May - How to get them to respond to this issue?
  15. J blacklisted ?

    Interesting idea. I would like to know how to set up Thunderbird so I can do this. My current settings are as follows: Default identity: E-mail address: mailname (at) Replay-to address: mailname (at) Outgoing server (SMTP) Server settings: Server type: POP...
  16. J blacklisted ?

    Thanks, you're right. Condition 1 customers are probably VERY affected when they receive messages directly from (but only via POP, not webmail). This is because their ISP will bounce mail from the server). I have my mail forwarded to Comcast and I have tons of bounce notices...
  17. J blacklisted ?

    As usual, good information. Could you help me understand who is affected when a company's outbound servers fail the reputation score check? For example, let's say company xxx has a customer with the email address "" and company xxx's outbound servers are blacklisted. Condition 1...
  18. J blacklisted ?

    Thanks Popowich. This is such a pain because the short term solution is to contact Comcast and ask them to unblock the server, and the long term solution is to tell to stop outbound spam from their servers. Here is a place where the readers of this forum can check to see...
  19. J blacklisted ? is doing it again. Their IP address was blacklisted four days ago, now is blocked for spam. That means I can't get my email. A little background here for those who don't know what I am talking about... If you have your mail forwarded from to an ISP...
  20. J Customer Service Feedback

    Great question. Here is what I sent them today on an evaluation form. I hope somebody at reads it. Suggestion 1: I really need to prevent your customers from sending spam. Put another way, you need to keep yourself off of the spam blacklists, otherwise you are useless to us...