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    Blocked Acc

    thetonginator Change your password and attempt to login again. This usually corrects problems with login. Welcome to the forum!
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    Lost e-mail

    Biggerdon Please have a look at this post which should help you recover your e-mail account. If for some reason the mentioned steps do not work please post and let us know. We will then...
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    Hotmail, mails are moving to Junk

    Annapurna Sengupta Tell Hotmail that these e-mails are not spam. THis has happened to me in the past and once I applied the mentioned solution it never happened again. Let us know if you need more assistance with this issue. Thanks Stephen
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    sending emails

    2much3dramaa Welcome to EQ If I had to guess I would say your issue stems from not having an e-mail client setup on your computer. When you click a mailto link it attempts to open up your local e-mail client. From the sounds of things you don't have a local e-mail client therefor you...
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    Fix Heading for Attachments (PDF files0

    Hi Katie Can you please tell us what E-mail client you are using? I will then be able to help you. Thanks Stephen
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    How to confuse a Readverify tracking down system? Please help

    carelfin I will need more information to help you. What e-mail provider do you use? EX:google,yahoo,etc? What client if any do you use? EX: Outlook, Thunderbird etc. If by chance you are using Outlook do the following to prevent it from happening. In Outlook you can disable this...
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    greeapple Can you please provide more information. What happens when you attempt to login to yahoo e-mail? What Browser are you using? How long has this been an issue? Have you cleared you cookies and cache on the browser? Please let us know so we can help you. Thanks...
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    jlm0235 If I were you I would contact Yahoo support and explain the situation. If its a free account I would say change your password and ensure the alternate e-mail address is correct before changing. If you continue to have problems please let us know. Thanks Stephen
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    Duane :welcome: to Email Questions I checked into this for you and the answer is yes they do offer all of the mentioned services. If you would like to see where I got my information from please visit AT&T | Cell Phones, U-verse, Digital TV, DSL Internet, and Phone Service check it out. You...
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    Is Gmail Down?

    LOL me too.!
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    Adobe SendNow

    Zane I am sorry but at this point I think it would be best for you to remain on hold as they would be best suited to answer this question. I would get a clear understanding of the program and its features from support. I am sorry I could not assist you further. Thanks Stephen
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    I just need to unblock hotmail email

    ekarnowski The information needed to gain access back to your account can be found here Please let us know if you need any additional help. :thanks: Stephen
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    Email Header Info

    :welcome: bhkellogg To view headers or the HTML source: Open a message. Then click the More Actions pull-down menu at the top of the window, and choose View Headers or View Source. Headers Headers are where information about an email is stored: who it's from and to, when it was...
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    Adobe SendNow

    zanedclark If you are sending a link to a distribution address everyone that is in that distribution group will receive the link to the file. So to answer your question yes you should in fact be able to send to a distribution group. I just tested this on my machine and it works a treat...
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    I just need to unblock hotmail email

    Ekarnowski Welcome to forum! I will need more information. You need to unblock a particular hotmail account from what? Are you having issues logging into Hotmail or are you having issues receiving e-mail from a particular person with a Hotmail account? Thanks Stephen
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    hotmail message to phone, keep coming

    Hello Kiwi Welcome to the forum. Can you please provide us with more information. What happens when the user with the phone deletes the e-mail from the phone? Generally when sending from hotmail its not something that loops meaning it doesn't keep happening over and over again... It...
  17. B - incoming emails taking forever!

    Snacks To be honest I understand the need to set your self apart from the masses. I also believe that trying to go with an e-mail provider who is trying to reinvent the wheel is not a good option. I use gmail however my e-mail is not its could purchase...
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    can't open hotmail

    Elad Please have a look at which will provide you with the best possible troubleshooting steps. THe first one usally corrects issue.:welcome::)
  19. B - incoming emails taking forever!

    Snacks I checked into and I am not liking what I have found. They had a server crash and lost e-mail? WOW... Get off this service as fast as possible. All the big players in the game have redundancy out the wazoo.... Reviews of Reviewed I would sign up for G-mail,Yahoo...
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    Validity of an Email Address

    Snacks The response generated either OK or BAD comes from the actual mail server the one your verifying a given e-mail against.. This is the most accurate response I assume you could receive. We might need to ask Popowich or someone else to confirm but I am pretty sure I am correct on this...