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    I am perplexed

    The message below was sent to me today by a friend. I have arranged to go and see her on Wednesday evening, but it is bugging me meanwhile as I cannot make sense of it. She is now on GMail, and the e-mail she sent me was from Gmail. I don't know whether she uses the web and is getting the...
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    we are no longer receiving mail from a friend who has a wanadoo address and who has previously sent to us without any problems sending to our @ntlworld addresses. He sends the e-mails but we do not get them. He does not receive any error messages or gets any e-mails returned - they just don't...
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    there but not showing

    Hello oh wise ones. I have had to reformat a lady's drive and so moved all her dbx's to an external drive for safe-keeping. When the OS was installed again - XP Home SP2 - I setup a new OE account for her (OE6) and then copied all the boxes into the OE default storage location. The inbox...
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    embarrassed loser of address book

    Hello, one peeved and embarrassed person here. Very recently a good friend asked me to fix his ailing computer (XP). As a precaution - in this case justified, I copied his and his wifes My Documents folders over to my own external drive, and all the .dbx's, and the current ( I thought) address...