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    how to recover my deleted yahoo account

    Only thing you can do is hope the name gets recycled so you can at least have the same email address.
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    Get the yahoo email adress you want

    Hopefully the recycling will include usernames that people closed themselves (not just left inactive) and deleted Yahoo base names from the address guard feature. It would be cool to get a couple names back as aliases.
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    Warning: Yahoo is releasing old email addresses!

    Maybe for accounts never closed manually by the user. But I've closed an account in the past, and was able to sign up for the username again because it was recycled. This has always been at the account termination page: In most cases your account will be deactivated and then deleted from our...
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    Warning: Yahoo is releasing old email addresses!

    This is nothing new. Sometimes an account that has been closed will get recycled. Sometimes not.
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    Yahoo Email Domains

    Ymail and Rocketmail have been discontinued for signing up.
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    They don't purge closed accounts like they say

    I had one that has been closed for years and still can't be registered again.
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    How freaking long...

    My Fastmail primary address is the 7 character user ID from when I had the original Prodigy. I only use it to log in to my account and nothing else. I made an alias of I use that..and it can't be used to try and log in to my Fastmail account. They should...
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    How freaking long...

    Yes. But you can log in to Yahoo using the aliases! The goal is to have an email address for log in purposes only, and the ONLY address that will let you log in to the account. Again...this: You can completely hide your account name so no-one can ever even attempt to login to...
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    How freaking long...

    Well if aliases are going to be able to log in, might as well forget rename feature. The whole purpose was to rename to something uncommon and never use it...just for logging in only, and then give out the aliases. It's a step back in security. Fastmail has this feature that MS is taking away...
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    How freaking long...

    Yeah, one could use that alternative but the point is they should fix that option! :D
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    How freaking long...

    The address you use to log in.
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    How freaking long...

    How freaking long does it take to fix the rename feature? It's been several months now. Just like others..."temporary" disabled...only yet to re-enabled years later, while it has been said working on it. The feature to change your Rift email address online has been "temporarily" disabled for...
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    Temporary error 14

    I had it one night on one account, then another one the next. I think it's just a maintenance thing and you just have to wait until it's done.
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    Hotmail Email Domains

    Yeah...just like I don't why you can't choose the domain when making the Yahoo extra address, I don't know why they just don't add @msn as a choice instead of having to specifically sign up with that link.
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    Yahoo Email Domains

    I don't know why they don't let you choose the domain when you want to make your free extra email address.
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    Hotmail Adds Email Address Aliases

    All someone needs to know is the bit before the "+" to try and pick at an account. Hotmail aliases cannot be used to log in, but the flaw is that if someone requests friendship to the alias with the messenger, the Windows Live ID is revealed and shows under OFFLINE. I think whatever name is...
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    Microsoft's Hotmail/Outlook privacy hole

    A Hotmail address that I have is spammed and obviously got some of those random invites to be contacts on the messenger. Now I renamed that and made it an alias. I used Live Messenger with another account and I added the now-alias as a contact. What displayed? The Windows Live ID the spammed...
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    Email Addresses

    I have too many too.
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    AOL Project Phoenix Invites

    Anyone out there? Hello...
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    Yahoo should...

    let you choose between the other 2 domains for the free extra email address.