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    GMail or MSN?

    Which one do you guys prefer?
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    I and my father use it all of the time. But recently, it hasn't been loading, so I stopped using it.
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    Member Titles

    Haha, I don't like too much being known as Phishing Scam, but it's a good set of rank names. Good job.
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    Forwarding Chain Letters

    I hate chain messages... Luckily, since high school started, and many of my MSN/Email contacts have become more intellegant, I don't get as many. But I do still get the occasionnal few.
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    MSN Hotmail

    Did you guys go into the options, then block the extensions that spam you? It works great for me, I have a few extensions blocked, but not much.
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    Which is the best virus software?

    Re: Which anti-virus software do you use? I used to use Norton, which really, in my opinion isn't that great. It updates and scans all the time. I currently use AVG, it's a great anti-virus system, and when it does an update or scan, it doesn't open a load of pop-ups in your face.