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    Best way to mass mail about my product

    I do have GR but I don't think it will work for my campaign. I need an alternative which will give me more control. Besides I have an external list. I have my own VPS. What are the steps to have an email mass mailer built on a VPS. Do I have to use SMTP relays, rotating IP/proxy etc etc. And...
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    Best way to mass mail about my product

    Just joined the forum yesterday and finding it really good! I have a question related to mass mailing: I have a valuable product which I would like to pitch to people through email. I will not be spamming anyone at all because the product actually saves them heaps of money if they use the...
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    How to unblock an AOL account

    Usually works when you click forgot password. AOL email accounts get blocked sometimes for no reason at all after you don't operate it for a few days.