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    Newsletter Mass mailing software reccomendation

    Hello! We have a very large subscriber list and have been having trouble with our current newsletter sending company. LOOKING FOR A NEW COMPANY that sends off of a server, up to 1 million names. Any suggestions???
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    Best Server for Mass Mailing Software?

    Hi, Thanks so much. That being said, do you know of any server companies that you might reccomend to host our emailing software? We are looking for a company that offers system administration, as well. Best,
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    Best Server for Mass Mailing Software?

    Is the speed of the disks the RAM? If so, what kind of RAM will we need to host 310,000 messages, set at a throttle of 5,000/hour. Our requirements are that we get 5K out the door without clogging our server. We do NOT have an in-house tech. Currently, however, we have exim which is supposed...
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    Best Server for Mass Mailing Software?

    Hello, We are currently sending our newsletter out via the program "1-2-all." We have had significant problems with our server, as it keeps timing out and clogging up with our mailings. We have about 300,000 subscribers and would like to send at about 5,000 an hour. Currently we have a VPS...