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    How to save options

    In Yahoo Classic Mail there is a “Save” button on the Option pages. I can’t find the “Save“ button in the new version of Mail and any changes I have tried to make in the Options settings revert to the original default setting whenever I close Mail. Can anyone help, please?
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    Yahoo - Options

    How do I “save” an option in Yahoo? When I select a “General” option it reverts to the original default setting next time I visit Yahoo Mail.
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    IMAP Connection

    Does Mail Plus support the IMAP protocol?
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    Moving Messages

    I resolved the problem by reverting to the Classic version of Yahoo Mail - by following your instructions. FYI I was accessing the webmail using Safari and Firefox browsers with Mac OS 10.7.2. Perhaps the new Mail has not been tested with this configuration. But - thanks for your help.
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    Moving Messages

    I have just started using Yahoo webmail. When I activate the “Move” drop-down list it only includes about half my folders. Is this normal? If so, it is a rather useless feature. :confused: