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    What is greylisted status?

    I hope I am posting in right forum. I tried posting in Site Feedback but was not allowed to post there. I see that my status is Greylisted... so was wondering what does it mean? Not that it is of any problem but was just curious to know because i dont see any other Greylisted members. :)
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    Concept of "Webmail Client" like Altomail

    Thanks again foggy. I installed Webmail ad blocker and it works really good. I'll suggest it to few of my other friends also.
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    Concept of "Webmail Client" like Altomail

    Thanks foggy for your detailed explanation. I use yahoo as my main email id and gmail/ as extra ids to register on sites, etc. I use ad block plus in chrome to hide ads but still the ad pane area is still occupied. And I have comparatively smaller laptop screen size so there...
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    Concept of "Webmail Client" like Altomail

    Hi, I dont have such facility. What I am basically looking for is an alternate interface to access webmails like yahoo.
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    Concept of "Webmail Client" like Altomail

    I tried mail2web sometime back, but I think it doesn't work anymore. I got worried that they might be having my id and password so changed password afterwords.
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    Concept of "Webmail Client" like Altomail

    We all know about desktop client like MS outlook, thunderbird, etc. Wherein the software is installed on computer and emails being downloaded. But I was wondering if there are any webmail clients which would provide a better "interface" and / or save emails at their server through IMAP. If...
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    How to fix slow Outlook IMAP folder synchronization issues

    Thanks Ray for the info. But I appreciate if u can actually explain the logic. (1) What does "Get folder unread count for subscribed folders" actually mean? What difference does it make if we leave it checked or unchecked? (2) If we select Inbox only and if one has set up auto filtering...
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    If Yahoo Mail is IMAP'd in Outlook 2007 then how many mails are actually downloaded on laptop?

    Thanks Ray for your help. I understand there is a setting in Outlook where we need to select whether whole message or just headers are to be downloaded. Maybe the attachments ur talking about didn't got physically downloaded on ur machine. Maybe the attachments will download only when u...
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    If Yahoo Mail is IMAP'd in Outlook 2007 then how many mails are actually downloaded on laptop?

    I understand IMAP is more like fetching/reading mails from server (like an interface between user and server) rather than (physically) downloading emails onto the computer (like POP). Can anyone plz confirm whether if this is the case or is it that IMAP also creates the storage space for...
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    Having bugs/problems in Yahoo Mail?

    I see that people are getting various problems (attachments, deletion, loading, drafts, etc) which are unique to particular set of users. I think this would be because their mails would be on problematic / hardware failure servers. Recently I was doing some testing and saw that my server...
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    How to make sub folders in Yahoo Mail

    I have made sub folders by IMAPing Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2007. The sub folders are also created in web based interface. I just wanted to know whether sub folders can be created without IMAPing in another device? Here are the screen shots of my folders: Main Folders: "Important" and...
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    I have not read in detail above mentioned suggestions.. but here are my two cents: -Delete POP mails from client. -Keep webmails as it is. -Make new IMAP account and let mails download in new account. Another way would be instead of deleting POP mails, cut-paste them in IMAP account...
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    Sort by Starred problem

    I like to sort mails by Starred as the emails on which I need to follow up remains on top. Now when I re-login then by default the mails are sorted by date. I have to again select sort by Starred option to make those emails come on top. Anyone having similar problem?
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    Email tracking (read notify) services (eg spypig)

    Would be grateful if anyone can suggest reliable email tracking service for Yahoo mail. What I want is that I get notified when someone reads my email. Spypig was great but its not working now :( Also, is it possible that my email gets deleted from recepient's inbox after sometime? Like...
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    Someone design an email signature about donation to wikipedia?

    I was wondering whether we have graphic/web designers here who can design an email signature (in Yahoo/Gmail/etc) about donations/support to wikipedia? I can simply put the link to wikipedia donations but would be nice if someone can give it a more refined touch. Also I understand too much...
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    How to delete thread started my me?

    I am sorry if it's mentioned somewhere but I couldn't find anywhere how to delete a thread started by me.
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    Offline IMAP Content Deleted Between Sessions?

    Just like Outlook has .pst file which is email data file, can you check whether such data files in TB and WLM are actually created and the file grows when more emails are downloaded? I think such .pst / data file is sure shot way to know whether mails are actually stored on computer... This...
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    How to use email client as "email browser"?

    Hi popowich, I thank you for your suggestions. From whatever limited understanding I have of email and its configurations, I am trying to see whether the "don't download" behaviour of TB is similar to "download headers only" option of Outlook. How to Download Mail for an Imap Account...
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    How to use email client as "email browser"?

    I was wondering whether we can use Outlook as sort of email browser.. wherein the client just provides an interface between server and user without actually physically downloading the emails in laptop? I understand POP downloads the emails but can IMAP can do what I am looking for? I had set...
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    Offline IMAP Content Deleted Between Sessions?

    @foggy So from what I have understood is that you were able to use TB like an email browser? ie without actually downloading emails onto the system?