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    Hotmail Review

    I think hotmail is probably the best and biggest free email service provider because mircosoft is an internationally known company and because of all the years of experienced they hold. the features i feel best for hotmail are how it is so user friendly the layout is set out very simply so...
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    Instant messaging or email?

    Instant messaging or email? which do you prefer. i know Instant messaging is so much quicker but some people still prefer email which is it for you?
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    Hotmail Review

    I know hotmail is widely used across the globe. because of its ability to access it from anywhere with an internet connection and its simple 5-10 minute set up. also a great aspect of it is that it is free and who doesn't love a freebie. I feel hotmail is probaly the best user friendly...
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    Best Email Provider

    What would you consider the best email provider
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    How do you pick your e-mail addresses?

    i would just maybe put a capital at the start or just put in a _ or something similar
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    The New Windows Live Hotmail

    i cant make up my mind about whether i like it or not. its probably because i dont spend to much time on it. but i like the new lighter colours doesnt look as dull :D
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    How to reset password when you can't log in

    ive done that a few times its kind of stupid ive forgot my password. click to send a reset email to your account. ^^^ how the hell can that help when the reason i clicked this is because i cant get on my account!
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    Hotmail issues

    its something to do with hotmail i received an email off them on one of my accounts but not another :S it said something along the lines of sorry for any inconvience caused we currently have some technical errors and are working to fix these. i would copy the email but i deleted it :(
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    i need help with outlook express

    ok i work on a gaming site and ive been given a staff email. but i cant get it to work :( i have a site i use for messing a round on so i got an email off that and cant get that to work either :( help?