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    Entourage crash on Mac

    I am using Entourage on a Mac 1 GHz G4. The other day, Entourage opened and it was in it's default configuration, no custom settings, none of my mail, none of my addresses. When I try to go to preferences, it hags up, requiring a force quit. I tried reinstalling, but do not know how to access...
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    Outgoing Mail Not Going Out - Verizon FIOS

    Recently I was changing settings to my Fios router to connect a laptop wirelessly. Since then I have not been able to send email from Entourage. I receive ok, but not send. I am afraid I changed something that blocks outgoing mail. I have experimented with my Verizon router’s firewall...
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    How do I prevent lost emails after closing website host?

    I have a website hosted by Bluehost. I need to close my account and do not plan on getting another host (for financial reasons). However, I want to continue getting my email connected to my domain name ( Is this possible? Also, is there a way to redirect from my...