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    Gmail: Using Gmail For All Your Email

    Is it possible to store the mails in different folders? Like we do in yahoo or hotmail.
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    Google Merchant Account

    Yes its best to contact google.
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    Password Storage?

    Hi, I am member of loads of forums and have numerous email accounts. Currently I keep all the username and passwords in one document but is there a software that can store all of them safely?
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    I have quite a few email accounts ranging from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Rediffmail etc. I found yahoo to be very user friendly. If you are a beginner and aren't sure about what is good for you. Signup at Yahoo and you would never regret. Take my word.
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    Sorting mails?

    Hi, I have used yahoo mail for long time and after a friend suggested I switched to gmail. Now the issue is that I used to have very decent folder setup in my yahoo mail account with there seems to be no such facility in gmail. How can is sort out my official, personal, hobby emails in...