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    Attached file won't open

    No problem at all. No question is a nuisance.

    How to create an alias for your primary Yahoo email account

    This link (post #1) still works! yahoo is making it very difficult to figure out on their sites

    Locked out of facebook and not getting code sent to yahoo email

    The other night my daughter was locked out of her facebook account for some reason. I set the account up for her about 4 years ago. She never set up the feature to ask for a code that would be sent to your phone if someone (or yourself) tries to log in from an unrecognized device (phone or...

    Mail disappearing when hitting the wrong buttons

    This question was submitted by one of our members: I am having trouble hitting wrong keys on my Toshiba laptop and mail I am composing disappears I suggested connecting a keyboard to the laptop. I can type very fast and accurately, but when I'm on a laptop, I'm all thumbs. I can't type well on...

    Rule of thumb when using "reply all"


    I need help getting back into my Yahoo mail account

    Find answers here: Yahoo - How to recover a lost password / How to regain control of a hacked account Make sure you set up two step verification immediately upon regaining access to your account. (there is a link in the post this links to) If you have been hacked or still can't regain access...

    I need help getting back into my Yahoo mail account

    I got this question in my inbox from a member. I need help getting back into my Yahoo mail account so I can get the code to reset my Facebook password can you help ?

    Thunderbird folder error

    I got the error "the messages could not be filtered to folder "hot topic" because adding a message to it failed....." I As it was fetching my mail, I was getting this pop up error on every single email that would have been filtered to a folder. The error message suggested doing a folder...

    SCRYPTmail Beta - "React" Feedback

    I like this a lot.

    SCRYPTmail Beta - "React" Feedback

    I really don't like the preview pane for the email on the right hand side. It would look much better if it were directly underneath the message list.

    Yahoo mail stuck on "checking for mail"

    I am on my iPhone. I forced the email to close and reopened it and it fixed it.

    Yahoo mail stuck on "checking for mail"

    Nm @popowich now it's stuck on "sending" and keeps spinning. The one I sent to myself is in the sent but not the one to popowich.

    Yahoo mail stuck on "checking for mail"

    I think yahoo might be down right now. I sent myself an email to see what would happen. It's in my sent mail but it's still stuck on "checking for mail". It's technically not frozen, the icon is spinning as it's checking. I also sent a test email to @popowich to see if they were truly sending...

    I keep getting the error "there appears to be a problem loading the email" I can't open any emails

    Are you getting the same error as the original Post above or is there another issue? (Wrong password etc)

    Yahoo Mail Knows My Full Name

    Although it seems to "know" your full name when you're typing in the "to" box it shouldn't apply for anyone who would be sending an email to you. It seems your account remembers it for some reason but someone sending an email to you shouldn't have that happening on their end. Although you feel...

    thunderbird hangs up after 1 email comes in

    The only thing I can think of is to try to uninstall and reinstall it.

    thunderbird anti-spam

    SPAMfighter link Free Spam Filter for Outlook, Windows Live Mail & Thunderbird - SPAMfighter The paid version as of this post (August 26, 2015) is $29.99 for 3 years.

    thunderbird anti-spam

    I had a bad problem with spam in my Thunderbird mail also. I used SPAMfighter. It worked really well. The downside was the HUGE advertisement at the bottom of all of my outgoing emails for SPAMfighter. I dealt with it because it did a really good job filtering the spam out of my inbox. It...

    How to change your Real Name in the new Yahoo Mail

    I found something else that may work also. If you are using basic yahoo mail, click on options on the far right from the drop down menu. Then select "mail accounts" and then check to see what the box says for "sending name" If it has your name there, delete it and make sure you click "save"...

    How to change your Real Name in the new Yahoo Mail

    Have you tried "account info" and then "personal info"? Then click on the words "full name" Then make sure you have share with no one selected. Let us know if that works. If not, I will keep working on it.