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    Yahoo Blank Home Page

    Hi there! How come when I bring up my home page which is suppose to be, it comes up "blank page" with a blank page. Can you tell me what the scoop is? Thanks. Sandee
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    How do I add more fonts and spell checking to my Yahoo mail?

    Hello, Is it possible to add more fonts to my yahoo mail? Also, can I add more words to my spell check? Thanks, Sandee
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    How to change the internet explorer internet options

    Thanks for the help, but I clicked on the Internet (that's all I have) icon, and it says that I am currently running without add-ons. So I can't get the tool bar. I had a laptop, but it blew-up on me, so had to come in his den and work on his stuff. What do I do to get the add ons? You see I...
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    How to make yahoo mail the default home page in internet explorer

    I would like Yahoo Mail to be my homepage again. I had it come up when I clicked on the Internet Explorer icon. Can you help me?