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    You need to find what printer model it is, search for its drivers and install the drivers on that laptop. steps: Using her laptop: 1. Find out printer model from printer (look at sides, front, bottom etc) 2. Google that model. See if you can go to the drivers page. Look for drivers install...
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    Line not showing up

    Ok.. people need more info: What kind of client or software or web service are you using? Yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, Fastmail, Outlook web client, Outlook standalone client, etc
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    How to easily maintain multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously

    I need to maintain multiple Gmail accounts for various purposes. The problem is that it needs a lot of clicks when switching accounts: - Click on profile icon, Signout, Signin, Add Account (or click if it was added previously) Repeat for another account. So this is very troublesome. I've...
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    Quota Warning Problem

    I think you can go to Sent folder and delete the big emails there. All folders count towards quota.
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    Anyway to see all the emails I've ever created?

    I think there's no way other than than going to the Sent folder.
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    font too small Can't read on my hotmail account

    To reset browser zoom, press CTRL, keep pressing it and then press 0 once (zero). CTRL+0 I had this problem in yahoo mail. There's a setting there for changing font size while composing.
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    Hotmail Alternate Account Problem

    I used to have a hotmail and yahoo account and switched to Gmail and set up forwarding for the hotmail and yahoo accounts and I'm very happy. The problem is that Yahoo tries to copy gmail and Hotmail does that too. Both of these companies dont care about the consumer and know what we really...