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  1. T service?

    Have tried the download file as zip since it appeared and have yet to get it to work , so far I have managed to fwd half of all my saved emails one at a time really time consuming.:confused:
  2. T service?

    Have blocked PrivacyHarbor from charging my account at Bank level and their Server is now sending me messages that my payment did not go thru. but I have replied to all and no response. Oh well guess time to find someone else. for anyone out there looking for another secure server so far this...
  3. T service?

    I have sent emails Daily to all I can find at Privacy Harbor support, sales, info, and the President Jim / James Adkisson, with no replies , I have even tried the whitepages and tried all phone numbers for Jim or James Adkissons in that area all are disconnected or ring no answer. I have...
  4. T service?

    So is there a fix, or we basicly at PrivacyHarbors Tech support mercy waiting on them for to fix or is this a possible problem with their ISP
  5. T service

    That does not work I checked with my ISP and they have no control over inbound email of Privacy Harbors Server as they are not the ISP for Privacy Harbor and they have no Black List
  6. T service?

    Hmmmm Just as a test I went and opened a new free account with Privacy Harbor funny thing I can send and recieve emails between both of my Privacy Harbor Accounts and can send out from them but I cannot recieve from outside world , so something is obviously wrong with their inbound part of...
  7. T service?

    I am having same issue with Privacy Harbor I can send email but I cannot recieve the last I recieved was Last Friday from my bank that was sent on last Monday. I have sent several messsages to their online support with No response. And to think I have been a paying customer since they began!!!
  8. T service?

    I just checked they are still down
  9. T

    Privacyharbor Down????

    HELP!!!??? Does anyone know what has happened to website has been completely down since Sunday, I have called their Phone # get recording not avalaible , I called their Internet Service Provider all they would tell me is they were still a customer. I have been with them since...