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    Mail account registration

    Hi, all. I'm looking for a simple web script that would allow one to register a new email account. Nothing fancy: user picks desired email, password, secret question & answer (for recovering lost passwords), CAPTCHA protection (optional), and that's it. It's to be used with vpopmail although it...
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    Registration script

    Hi, thanks, but there's really no need for that, I could write one myself, too. I just thought my needs were common enough for there to already be an implementation on top of vpopmail or Mail::Toaster. Strangely enough, this isn't so.
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    Registration script

    Hello, I'm looking for a decent vpopmail web user registration script having these features: users' ability to change their passwords users' ability to recover lost passwords (based on a secret question) support for captcha protection against automated signup There are no special...