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Discussion in 'Yahoo Mail' started by popowich, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. popowich

    popowich Technical Support

    The following information is made available by a member of the Yahoo Postmaster Team

    Yahoo Mail Networks in CIDR format :

    Yahoo Mail IP addresses :

  2. popowich

    popowich Technical Support

    Yahoo has added 60 more outgoing IP addresses :
  3. atheros

    atheros New Member


    Is there any new blocks ips from Yahoo Servers? I have whitelisted all CIDR ip above but I still receive bounce mail from Yahoo because their Ip's was blocked by my server and that blocks is not from range ips above.

    Thank you :)
  4. popowich

    popowich Technical Support


    If you whitelist the Yahoo IP's on your mail server that allows all yahoo users to email you, it doesn't work the other way around and guarantee that Yahoo will accept email from you. The best way to send to Yahoo users to is make sure that you are only sending email that people want to receive. What is the specific error message that you get when you email accounts at Yahoo?

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  5. atheros

    atheros New Member

    Thank you for your response :)

    I can send an email from my servers into Yahoo Mail. But when I reply it, I got an error bounce like this:

    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
    Remote host said: 550 blacklisted at" [RCPT_TO]
    Fyi, I am using RBL from Backscatterer on my server. From the error message above known that Yahoo's IP was blocked by Backscatterer.

    Therefore, I need the range IP of Yahoo so that I could whitelist it on my server.

    Thank you and I'm sorry if my engslih is not good :)
  6. popowich

    popowich Technical Support


    To fix the error " 550 blacklisted at powered by UCEPROTECT " you need to fix the source of the problem that is causing your mail server to spam. Backscatter is a type of spam that's generated when you accept and bounce email to innocent 3rd parties when you should have rejected it or somehow delivered it (spam folder, /dev/null) The problem can happen when you have a mail filtering appliance that isn't aware of your valid recipients. A temporary work around is to use different servers for incoming and outgoing email so at least your outgoing IP shouldn't be spamming, but the permanent fix is to never accept email that you can not guarantee you will deliver. Once your problem has a technical solution, you can go here to request a delisting.
  7. atheros

    atheros New Member

    Hello Popowich,

    This ip is belonging to Yahoo. What should I do now because much of their ip were blocked by any RBL (not only backscatterer)?

    Anyway, my ip server is in good reputation from any RBL.

    Thank you :)
  8. popowich

    popowich Technical Support

    Yes, that is true, I was looking at the problem backwards.

    Are you the admin for your mail servers?

    It looks like the next step is to not use the backscatterer RBL, and stick to ones with lower false positives such as Spamhaus.

    Which RBL's and/or mail filtering appliance are you using?
  9. majy1208

    majy1208 New Member

    The link that you provide doesn't exist.
    Is there other way to get whole list of Yahoo's email server IPs?
  10. popowich

    popowich Technical Support

    The person who used to publish the list no longer works at Yahoo.

    I don't see an SPF record published that could be used to extract the data.

    I'll look around for a new version of the list and try contacting the Yahoo Postmaster Team if needed.

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