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Discussion in 'Email Program Setup and Configuration' started by WLD, May 18, 2010.

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    Recently I was changing settings to my Fios router to connect a laptop wirelessly. Since then I have not been able to send email from Entourage. I receive ok, but not send. I am afraid I changed something that blocks outgoing mail.

    I have experimented with my Verizon router’s firewall settings and account settings in Entourage. The settings look correct. Could you give me an idea what may be blocking outgoing mail.?

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    Just got FiOS. Outbound GoDaddy email stopped working. This change worked for my godaddy smtpout.secureserver.net email server without using Verizon outbound servers or login:

    Change outbound server port to 465
    Change outbound server encrypted connection to SSL

    That's it!

    Verizon support did not provide this answer. This page from Godaddy helped:
    Using Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Your Email - Search the Go Daddy Help Center

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