Hotmail Not Accepting Emails From My Domain

Discussion in 'Mail Server Support' started by bluefoxox, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Hi Ray. Recently I moved my domain from a server at my house to godaddy. The reason? Hotmail would not accept emails from my domain because it was on a dynamic IP. Now it seems I am having a similar problem. Sending to gmail or yahoo mail is not a problem from Patrick Today!

    I did a few tests. When signing up for a new account on my domain and a hotmail (or live in my case) address is used the email never arrives, not even to the junk mail folder. It is as if it were never sent. You can see the problem since someone coming to my site and signing up won't get a confirmation email I lose potential site members. I then went to the site contact form plugin and sent a test email. It never showed up.

    Here is what is getting me. When I signed up the first time I used everything went fine. I signed up to Patrick Today! and became a member (test account). Now it's blocked and as far as I can tell so are any other hotmail or live accounts.

    I did another test. If I go to and send an email from it arrives... to the junkmail folder, but does arrive.

    The sites default email is from as well. My guess is the mail is coming from different IP's

    Maybe there is a hotmail blacklist. IDK. I am stuck. Any advice you have is welcome so thanks in advance.


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    The usual fix for relaying email from a residential connection is to configure your mail server to relay outgoing email through your ISP's smtp relay servers. You could do this for all outgoing email or selectively per domain as you notice that you have a problem sending to some of the bigger email providers. Moving to Godaddy should have eliminated this problem, or at least removed rejections due to your email coming from dynamic IP space as the issue.

    What do the mail logs on your server say? Did Hotmail accept the email and silently discard it? Did Hotmail block the email and you did not get the resulting bounce message? Did you never try to send the email to begin with? The email logs should tell the story. If there is not a log for the time you sent the test email double check the web site. How is it trying to send email? Is it trying to use the MTA on the Linux server? Is it trying to relay direct to the internet? It's possible your php error log might have more clues too.

    These pieces tell me the web site seems to be configured OK and that you are able to relay email to Hotmail. Does your linux hosting have a dedicated IP address? Is Godaddy blocking your outgoing email or have a tiny hourly limit set for your account? (Godaddy email limits) Again, checking the mail logs should help you to quickly figure out the source of the problem.

    After this problem is fixed, or maybe this is part of the solution too, you should work to improve the reputation of your new IP address. Create an SPF record for your domain. Ask Godaddy to create a custom reverse DNS PTR record for that goes to a name such as or Don't forget to create the A record for the name you request too!

    Let us know what the mail logs say and we'll continue from there.

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    Popowich advice is solid. Godaddy does have a lot of restrictions on sending email and they don't have the best reputation either. Anytime you're not using a "Free Email" domain (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc), you have to do all the work they did to configure everything properly. The best way to do this is to test your configuration by following the instructions here: Email Authentication and Configuration Tester. It performs tests on all the different RFC's, Postmaster Guidelines, and SSL Security tests as well on all the different email ports and MX servers you have list.

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